90mm & 105mm Sub-Calibre Devices : the right tool, at the right time

The CMI Defence Sub-Calibre device is the best and most cost-effective means of training tank crews  that is available in the world. It has all the characteristics that are sought after in military acquisition  today, and will bridge the gap between simulators and live firing with 73mm to 120mm practice  ammunition.

Acquisition and deployment of the device will permit armed forces to maintain operational  readiness in areas where standard ammunition cannot be fired. In this age of cost-conscious armed  forces, the CMI Defence Sub-Calibre is the right tool, at the right time.

The device is designed to be rugged and equipped  on board armoured fighting vehicles :

  • 90 mm sub-calibre device compatible with Cockerill 90mm Mk3 & Mk 8 Guns.
  • 105 mm sub-calibre device compatible with Cockerill 105mm for L7 Guns
  • Easily deployed to training areas
  • Supportable at unit level
  • Installation, operation and maintenance is simplistic and ensures efficient crew training
  • The design enables excellent individual and collective gunnery training for full and scaled ranges
  • The device fires 12.7x99mm (.50” cal) ammunition
  • Easily adapts to the vehicles fire control system with additional burden to Fire Control System components.